Bethel village condominium

A Letter From Towne Properties:

Dear Homeowners:

Welcome to Towne Properties Management!  We would like to introduce you to your management team!  Your association manager is Matt Rister and the customer service administrator assigned to Bethel Village is Alexandra Daly.  Both Matt and Alexandra can be reached via email at or [email protected]  Our office number is 614-781-0055.  Matt and Alexandra look forward to working with you and making Bethel Village a great place to call home!

You have two options to pay your fees electronically:

1.  Your Bank's Bill  Payer Service:  
Use your Banks Bill Payer Service to automatically send your payment.  Your account number is your resident number followed by your community number.  Please contact Alexandra or Matt to obtain your resident/community number.  All payments for bill pay should be sent by your bank to 1055 St. Paul Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202.  Following these instructions will ensure the quickest processing.

2.  Make your payment online:  You can visit to pay your fees electronically.  Please follow the instructions on the menu "HOA Payment instructions".  In addition to making payments, you can submit a service request, check your account and update your personal information.  Please note that on-line payments will incur a transaction fee.  To register, you will need your registration code, which is the resident number you may obtain from Towne Properties.

If you desire to pay your association fees monthly by mailing a personal check, please contact Alexandra Daly, and she will send you payment coupons and envelopes for a small fee.

Please fill out the "If You Are New to our Community" tab on the menu and return this form to Towne Properties at the address on the form, or email to [email protected]

We greatly appreciate your patience as we transition the management of Bethel Village.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  We look forward to being of service to you and your community.